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Tesla's New Solar Roof

Tesla launched Solarglass in October, it’s a third-generation line of Tesla’s Solar Roofing tiles. Tesla’s CEO Elon Musk said that they had to make some alterations to the product to make sure it will last longer and make the product more affordable. They launched the version 3 of their solar roof tiles, which they are calling ‘Tesla Solar Glass’. The new version (V3) of the tiles is said to be less expensive (about 34k for the average home), faster to install, and will last longer. Aesthetically speaking, the company says that it is "more beautiful" than tiles, while providing energy efficiency. What caught our attention here at Structure Ace is that this product not only offers energy-efficiency and aesthetics, but also protection. This system's protection boasts: Hail rating class 3 ANSI FM 4473 (up to 1.75" diameter hail) and Wind rating Class F ASTM D3161 (up to 110 mph winds). Because we do not want to paraphrase the warranty, we thought we would take a direct statement from Tesla. "Solar Roof tiles, backed by a 100-year warranty, cover their cost by producing clean energy and add value to your home over time."

We would like to add that although the tiles have a class 3 rating it passed the class 4 impact resistant test as well. The other warranties are as follows: Tile warranty: 25 years, Power warranty: 25 years, Weatherization warranty: 25 years. It is also important to note that Tesla said this system has, Off-Grid Reliability. The Solar Roof integrates with the Powerwall home battery, allowing you to use solar energy whenever you choose and providing uninterrupted electricity during grid outages. This system can also be installed on pitches 2:12 to 20:12. Overall, we think this system's concept is exceptional! Give us a call today for your free inspection!

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