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Reasons why you should consider a roof inspection.

Updated: Nov 3, 2019

"I have 5 more years on it", "This is a 30 year roof", "I think my roof is fine", " I don't see anything wrong with my roof", and many more are the objections that can leave homeowners in a sticky situation with their roof once the rubber meets the road. Often times the homeowners that adhere to those objectives are individuals who may not realize what's at stake.

This is a 3-Tab roofing system that has wind damage.

What can a free inspection do?

NO ONE can do an inspection standing in someone's driveway, with the exception of a drone. The purpose of the inspection is actually hop up on the roof to give the homeowner an in-depth and up close view of what type of shape the roof is in, how it held up in the last storm, life expectancy of the roof, installation errors done by whomever installed the roof and so much more. Primarily, we inspect homeowners' and business owners' roofs to share with them the possibility of the roof getting paid for by their insurance carrier, rather than fronting the roof on their own.

What's at stake if I think I'm fine?

Assumption is a one of the most dangerous habits we all fall victim to. I'm sure someone in your life has told you "it's better to be safe, than sorry". This especially holds true in regards to the roof that covers the lives of your loved ones because there are ALOT of possibilities that can work against you. A few, not all, of the possibilities of not getting you roof looked at can include a build-up of mold in an area that had a leak that you had not noticed (that could lead to someone getting sick), waiting to long after the last storm could cause the storm date to be invalid and leave you footing a bill for the roof on your own, also it could leave you in a situation where you may get dropped by your carrier because your roof is too old and many more. Needless to say in this situation you should play it safe to alleviate that pressure. Luckily for you guys we have a "nutshell" description of our process below.

Our roof inspection process:

1. A HAAG Engineering Certified inspector will come by to do a preliminary inspection.

2. We go over the photos with you and lay out the possibilities.

3. If there is enough damage to file the claim we advise you accordingly.

4. We come by to meet with the adjuster to assist him, if needed.

5. If approved, the first check arrives and we come by to show you samples and let you all pick out your NEW ROOF! : )

6. After the work is done the depreciation on the roof is released and in exchange for the final check we give you your warranty papers and an invoice notating all transactions and change orders.

7. You tell ALL of your family and friends and give 100 Star reviews on how great of a job we did for you all.

In closing, we would like anyone who may want to explore this option to book us online at anytime that is available or call our office to set up an appointment! #AceUP!

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